By: Marc McBarron Kessler
Staring: J. Michael Reeds

Haunting and original! 
Theatrical Cabaret...

Everyone needs someone to tell their story to. And if there's no one left to listen, if your parents are gone along with your youth and if love is something you look back upon instead of look forward to, you are the GHOST OF VAUDEVILLE, a man trapped in the theatre of his own life, eager to share the beauty and brutality of his story with his final audience before he walks off the stage for good and leaves them wanting more.

Friday, September 22nd @ 7pm

Saturday, October 14th @ 4:30 pm

Thursday November 9th @ 7pm

Don't Tell Mama
343 W. 46th Street (Btwn 8th & 9th)

Res. (212) 757-0788
$15.00 Cover plus 2 dink minimum

J. Michael Reeds returns to Don't Tell Mama in Ghost of Vaudeville. This song cycle of original music, written by Marc McBarron Kessler, paints a fascinating picture of a family, of a time and of lives lived. A veteran performer, J. Michael Reeds takes his audience by the hand and effortlessly leads them through a journey of complex emotions and bittersweet memories. His ease as an actor and as a singer is a pleasure to watch. 

Marc McBarron Kessler is a rare artist and a prolific songwriter. His lyrics dig deep into the human experience and give voice to the yearnings that live in all of us. His writing in Ghost of Vaudeville is character-driven and carefully constructed around the talents of his performer. Among many things, Kessler is an actor's-songwriter. His melodies beautiful; his lyrics smart and thought provoking. This is not an ordinary songwriter and this is not an ordinary show. 

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